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Annuity Fund FAQ

Annuity Fund Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What are the qualification requirements for the in-service benefit?

You must have had a balance in your Annuity Account for 60 or more consecutive months and you must not have received an In-Service Benefit or a Loan in the previous 12 months.

2. What is the amount of the in-service benefit?

The amount of the In-Service Benefit will be the amount you request, but not more than 50% of the balance of your Annuity Account on the date the In-Service Benefit is paid.


For the purpose of this calculation any outstanding loan balance will be excluded from your account balance.

3. Is there a loan provision in the plan?

Yes, you may borrow from the Annuity Fund if you have 60 months of plan participation and you have not received an In-Service Benefit during the previous 12 months. By applying for a loan, you are certifying that the proposed borrowing is for your own purposes and not for the benefit of any other party-in-interest to the Plan (such as an Employer or any Plan Fiduciary).


Loan payments will be invested according to your most recent investment directions for such assets.


The maximum number of outstanding loans at a time is one (1).


4. How much may I borrow?

The maximum amount you can borrow as a loan is the lesser of $25,000 or 50% of your account balance. There is a minimum loan amount of $3,000. Loans are only issued in $1.00 increments and a $50 loan origination fee will be deducted from your Annuity Account upon processing your loan.

5. What are the terms for repayment?

Timing of Repayment: Loan payments will be made on a monthly basis in equal installments through direct debit from a checking or savings account.

Duration: The repayment period of any loan will be no less than 1 year and no more than 5 years. Prepayment of the full outstanding balance may be made any time without penalty. However, partial prepayments are not allowed. If you wish to prepay, you must make arrangements with the Plan Administrator by the first of the month in which the prepayment is to be made. Prepayments may be made by check only.

Interest Rate: As determined by the Plan Administrator, the interest rate for a loan will be the Prime Rate as listed in The Wall Street Journal on the first business day of the month in which you request the loan, plus 1%. The interest rate so determined will remain fixed throughout the duration of the loan. Loans granted at different times may bear different interest rates.

6. How do I become eligible for a termination benefit?

You are eligible for a Termination Benefit if you are not yet age 55 and go through a period of 12 consecutive months while you are a Plan Participant during which: a. you do not work at least one hour for which your employer is required to contribute to this Fund, and b. you do not work at least one hour for which contributions are transferred to this Fund under the terms of a reciprocal agreement.

7. What happens to small accounts that are inactive for 52 consecutive weeks?

If you have an inactive account with a balance of $1,000 or less you will receive a lump sum distribution. If you have an inactive account with a balance of more than $1,000 but less than or equal to $5,000, the Plan Administrator will roll over the distribution to an individual retirement account (“IRA”) set up in your name. You will be given the opportunity elect a lump sum distribution prior to any direct rollover distribution.

The following optional forms pertain to the Normal Retirement Benefit and the Disability Benefit. These options do not pertain to the Termination benefit, the In-Service Benefit, or the Death Benefit. These options are also not available if your account value is less than $5,000 at the date of distribution.

8. Instead of receiving my entire account as a lump sum what other options are available to me?

There are two other distribution options under the plan:

Partial Lump Sum Option: You may elect to receive any portion of your account (at your discretion) as a lump sum. The minimum partial lump sum is $1,000. The remainder may be left in the Plan or withdrawn under the Installment Option.


Installment Option: You may elect to receive all or a portion of your account in fixed monthly or annual payments (at your discretion). The installments will be paid until your account value is exhausted and may need to be adjusted at age 72 to

meet Internal Revenue Service distribution rules.

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