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ESI Employee Assistance Group is the nation’s most comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which is available for FREE to Employees and Family Members! This program is designed to provide hundreds of self-help tools to address everyday issues that we face which can be used to help you manage and resolve work and life problems. These tools include everything from mental health, legal issues, financial planning, work-life balance, personal wellness, elder care, education planning, scholarships, and more. The EAP benefits are endless and available 24/7, as certified coaches are here to help. To access this benefit, just call the EAP number listed or go to to find thousands of tools and topics to help you navigate through life. Your EAP is a FREE benefit and your confidentiality is assured. No information about your use of the program is given to anyone unless you sign a release of information authorizing this. We encourage you to take advantage of this no-cost, confidential benefit!

Check out some of the benefits our Employee Assistance Program provides to our members! You name it, your EAP has it. Log in or create an account to start gaining unlimited access to tons of resources!

Not convinced yet? Click the link below to see even more of your employee benefits as a Local 7 member.

EAP Employee Benefits Overview